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An important function of the Tennessee Wireless Association is the monitoring of issues that may impact the wireless industry at both a state and local level. Members are the watchdogs at the local level and are encouraged to bring any siting concerns (ordinances, moratoriums, etc.) to the attention of the Association. Vigilance is the key and a well-planned coordinated effort by our Association is required to address issues as they arise.

Issues at the state level are monitored by Nathan Ridley of the Nashville law firm, Boult Cummings Conners & Berry, PLC.  During the 2008 legislative session, two separate pieces of legislation were introduced, that were detrimental to our industry.  With Nathan's help, position statements and talking points were crafted, and coalitions were created to oppose both bills.  Realizing that serious opposition was beginning to take shape, none of the sponsors chose to pursue the bills as originially introduced and none came to a final floor vote. 

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